🌍 Born December 3rd, 1984 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Charles Benjamin McNeal ended up choosing a rough path in life. As a teenager and into his early to mid 20s, he was an asshole. He cheated on his girlfriends, disrespected his teachers in school, had total disregard for the law, for rules, and any authority figure. When he was exposed to this information, and more importantly couldn't tell anyone or discuss it, it gave him the sense that consequences didn't matter because everyone around him was living a lie. And when you mix that with the troubled teen he already was, you would have hated him. He did love and he would love hard, but it was tainted by the weight that was on his shoulders that no one knew he was carrying. As the years moved forward and he became older and more mature, he was able to start evolving into a better person and after years of this evolutionary process he became the person that he is today! A polar opposite of what he use to be, trapped in a system that refuses to give him a chance to show it, he finally decided to tell the world what he knows and put the bullseye on his back as he signs up to be the person to fix it all. The document itself actually spends a few pages detailing this process how he came to this decision. For years now, he has been the person that will NEVER tell you a lie, not even exaggerate, and cheating on his significant other would make him vomit just to think of it. He is loyal to a fault, dedicated beyond belief and faithful in every aspect of his life to the FULLEST! And he's asking you for your help, to help him, help YOU and YOURS. 🌍

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